Gruel Katherine (English version)
Celtic Numismatics

, by Véronique Salaün

CNRS Senior scientist (DR1)

Contacter Katherine Gruel


Research Topics

**1. Celtic Numismatics

  • Evolution of coins’ circulation and regional specificities in Gaul
  • Power and social structures : The issuer powers, the military issues
  • Celtic coinage chronology
  • Evolution of the religious practices between the Iron Age and the Roman period ; coins in sanctuaries
  • Ancient coins factory

**2. Updating of the coin typologies through the inventory and the collections publications key

  • Systematic inventory and publication of the museum’s collections (Rennes) or notorious sites (Bibracte, Corent, Gergovie, Gondole, Saumeray),
  • Celtic coins collections’ cataloguing Project of Paris museums (BNF, MAN, Musée de Cluny)

**3. Territories analysis

  • Coordination of the on-line Atlas for the Iron Age
  • Archaeometric researches on the Celtic Gaulish economy
  • Gaulish sanctuaries :
  • Allonnes (Pays-de-la-Loire) surveys Leader
  • Research participation on the Corent, Gergovie, Millau, St Ambroix, Bibracte sanctuaries

**4. Methodology

  • Reflexion on the automatic character string extraction provided for the data-bases feeding (ETIAB)
  • Development of Chronocarto
  • Dies studies
  • Development of the Base Fer data base, on Iron Age Period
  • Development of the Base Faciès monétaire data base
  • Development of the website AOROC ; Webmaster and scientist
  • Website « Archéologies en chantier » ; Scientist Referee
  • Websites and on-line resources coordination
  • Allonnes survey Leader

Ongoing works

  • Porteur de projet PSL (Paris Sciences Lettres) EITAB : Extraction d’Informations textuelles pour l’alimentation des Bases de données
  • Leader of the PSL (Paris Sciences Lettres) project PSL : IOTA : Imagerie de l’Objet aux Territoires Archéologiques
  • Member of the PSL researh university project : CELTES 3D
  • Member of the ANR 0006-02 CAECINA, Contacts et Acculturation dans l’Etrurie Classique : Images, Notions, Artefacts
  • Leader of the ANR MSREI : EUROIGITMAP, Digital Mapping of Ancient Europe
  • Coordonnatror of the answer to the H2020-INFRAIA-2016-2017 call ;
    (Integrating and opening research infrastructures of European interest) Topic : INFRAIA-02-2017, Proposal number : 730985-1 , Proposal acronym : EURODIGITMAP
  • Iron Age Atlas
  • Base Fer data base development and feeding
  • Base Faciès Monétaire data base, development and feeding
  • 2012-2013- ETIAB, PEPS CNRS-PSL Project Co-leader with T. Poibeau (Lattice)
  • ANR CAECINA participation
  • Catalogues for the Gaulish Coin collections of Paris museums (BNF, MAN, Musée de Cluny) participation
  • Research Programm leader for the Allonnes (72) survey

Education and Academic Appointments

  • CNRS Senior Scientist, Research Director, Fist Class
  • From 2014 onward - Celts and Etruscans : identities, powers, trades : Team Coordinator in the UMR 8546
  • For 2005-2013 - Celtic Protohistory Leader in the UMR 8546
  • 2012-2013- Project ETIAB, PEPS CNRS-PSL Co-Leader with T. Poibeau (Lattice)
  • 2009 - Project Territories, spaces, periods [TET] Leader
  • 2006-2009 - Projet ANR CELTECOPHYS coordinator ; partnership between the INRAP, UMR SISYPHE from Jussieu University, GEOCARTA company and UMR AOROC.
  • 2003-2008 - Du site à la Cité, étude de l’évolution des relations hommes- milieu sur un territoire, la Sarthe (72), told PCR Sarthe, DRAC Pays-de-la-Loire Research Common Programm Leader.
  • 2004-2006 - ACR CARNUTES Leader : Studies of Carnutes settlements : typolocical, time-sequentia of ceramic, metallic and monetary materials.
  • 1998-2005 - GDR 987 Fellow : monetary practices in the ancient world from the 4th century b.C. to the 3rd century.
  • 1982 - CNRS Research Scientist.
  • 1979-1982 - Saclay Pierre Süe s’ Laboratory Postdoctoral Researcher (CNRS).
  • 1981 - Ability list Registration for the controlled art gallery and museum curator functions.
  • 1979 - Ph. D. dissertation, Paris IV University, upon Les méthodes physico-chimiques appliquées à l’étude des monnaies celtiques.
  • 1975-1982 - Specific training to the physical analyses applied to the ceramics and coins, in the Pierre Süe CNRS/CEA Laboratory at Saclay.


  • Chevalier des Palmes Académiques.
  • 2010- ENS Scientific Council Prize
  • 1992-1996 - Elected official Member at the CNRS Scientific Board
  • 1992-1995 - 31th Section of the CNRS National Comittee’s scientific Secretary
  • 1995 - Electoral Commission at the CNRS National Comittee s’ Member
  • 1994 –1996 Member fof Safety Commission for the CNRS archaeological diggins.
  • 1999 - AST Scientific Animation Prize awarded by the Val de Marne General Council, Fontenay sous Bois, nov. of 1999.
  • 1998 et 1997 - For “L’ Histoire en pièces” -1- The Gaulish : 23 mm video film , Director D. Cavillon, CNRS-audiovisual production :
  • Archéologia Prize- Andrée Faton for the 6th international festival at the Bordeaux archaeological fim, awarded to the archaeologist whose the film contributes as well as possible to dissemnate the research results (1998) ;
  • Special Distinction from the International Jury at the Bruxelles Archaeological Film ( 1997).
  • 1996 - 1er Author Prize of the Scientific and Technical Culture Prizes from the Académie des Sciences for the action in “Le patrimoine archéologique comme lien social de la communauté allonnaise”.
  • 1992 - Anvie 1992 Prize for the valorization ; Arkéoplan made through CNRS licence .
  • 1991 - Paris Cité Prize : Special Prize Jury for the quality in the Arkéoplan tools integration ; International Contest for the technologies creation, Innovation Field, Image and audiovisual Category, Paris Cité, 19 novembre 1991.